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Network Monitor MSI / Setup give Error Opening log file

When you try to install using Microsoft MSI, you bump into the following message

“Error Opening Installation log file. Verify that the specified log file location exists and is writable”

Workaround, extract the .exe file by using the following command below

NM33_x86.exe /c /t:c:\tools\networkmonitor

the /t switch is used to tell installer where to extract the file.

Then try to run netmon.msi to install network monitor. I tried it with Network Monitor 3.3 and it works (Netmon.msi and Microsoft_Parsers.msi)

Recommendation algorithm

This is going to be an ongoing update to some interesting recommendation algorithm that i found over the web. If anyone have any input, please let me know.

Contextual-Bandit algorithm - Li Long, Wei Chu, J.Langford, R.Schapire
-Adapting machine learning approach for recommending advertisement, news and other articles to users.
Nearest Neighbour Algorithm - To be updated :)


Nearest Neighbour Algorithm (This give a really easy to understand overview of the algorithm - far better than alot of the lecture notes given by professors)