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Flex and Javascript - ExternalInterface

The best article i read about Flash and javascript interaction can be found here.

Manipulating ArrayCollection

Manipulating Flex ArrayCollection

This shows you how to manipulate flex data structure called ArrayCollection.

Assuming that you have the following data

private var medalsAC:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection( [
{ Country: "USA", Gold: 35, Silver:39, Bronze: 29 },
{ Country: "China", Gold: 32, Silver:17, Bronze: 14 },
{ Country: "Russia", Gold: 27, Silver:27, Bronze: 38 } ]);

To retrieve let say Russia record, you can do the following

/// get the Rusia Info /////

var _target:Object = medalsAC.getItemAt(2);

To change its value, use the following codes
///// set the Rusia Info /////
_target["Gold"] = 50;
medalsAC.setItemAt(_target, 2);

If you want to add a new country let say Czech, then you can use the following codes

medalsAC.addItem({ Country: "Czech", Gold: 2…