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Nuget quick guide

Create your own package using nuget.exe. At this point, you need to have your .nuspec file and the files (.dll/static files) organized in folders that you wish to deployed.
Sample command line that you might use is as follows: c:\nuget pack test.nuspec
You may have folders as follows
lib --\NetFramework 4.0 --\NetFramework 1.1
Sample layout of your .nuspec file are
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <package> <metadata> <id>sample</id> <version>1.2.3</version> <authors>Kim Abercrombie, Franck Halmaert</authors> <description>Sample is an example package that exists only to show a sample .nuspec file.</description> <language>en-US</language> <licenseUrl></licenseUrl> <projectUrl></projectUrl> </metadata> <files> <file src="lib\*.dll" target="…