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Compiling Plaid for Window

I don't know why am i even compiling Plaid for, maybe it can be a cool language to try out. Anyway, the site documentation works, just that there are a few glitches that i need to handle when compiling for Windows.

As stated in the documentation, go

1. Grab TortoiseSVN

2. Check out the source, into a directory of your likings, let's say c:\java\plaid

3. Include the followings in your path : C:\java\plaid\fastbuilder;C:\java\plaid;

4. Goto C:\java\plaid\tests and run ant build.

You should be able to compile successfully.

Building spark is easy

I was amazed how easy it is to build Spark on Windows. Just have to

1. Download and install Scala 2.9.2. Ensure your SCALA_HOME is accurately setup.
2. Also make sure you have javac available in your environment path.
3. Download spark (0.7.0). Spark uses sbt (simple build tool and it is shipped together with the code.

After you extracted spark source code, goto the root folder and run

sbt/sbt package
And you're done! Awesome.