react basic - inline conditional rendering

Some inline rendering style.

useRef to manipulate react object properties / behaviour / styling

  The code sandbox demostrate how to use useRef to update or change behaviour of a button or other html elements.

useCallback and React.memo

The following codebox demostrate the use of useCallBack vs react.Memo to optimize react rendering. The intention is not to re-render everything and everytime something changes.  But like all great power, comes great responsibilities.

Clean code link

  Some interesting stuff that i stumble upon and i think it is going to be an interesting thing to read

ETL best practices - unsual places to find this info

 I stumble upon ETL best practices here and looks to be pretty good read for me. 

setting up apache airflow using docker

This is the best resource i found to setup airflow using docker-compose. You need a more recent version of the docker compose.  Create a file called docker-compose.yaml with content take from here . Then run the following command :- docker-compose up airflow-init next,  run the following command.  docker-compose up

Specifying multiple Azure devops yaml environment tagging

  When you create your environment and add some vm into your Azure DevOps, you might find yourself trying to deploy to vm with multiple tags.  Here is how you do it :- Here we are specifying that the deployment goes to target server with tag web1 and web2 jobs: - deployment: VMDeploy displayName: web environment: name: VMenv resourceType: VirtualMachine tags: ' web1, web2' strategy:

Setting up Sonarqube instance on Azure appservice (not using the container) with postgres as the database engine

  Please note this only tested with sonarqube 8.4 and if this is version you're working with please read on. Tried with sonarqube 8.6 with this setup and no luck :( Setting up App service  First we need to setup our web app service. The requirement are it requires JDK 11 (that's because of the sonarqube version that i'm using) and must be a Windows. The start up scrip that we are using requires that.  Create an instance of this application and continue below.  Copy sonarqube binaries and startup files over After that, use FTP tool to copy some files over to wwwroot. This FTP credentials can be obtained from  Deployment center as shown below:  Please download sonarqube from here . I am using version 8.4, developer version. Unpack it into a folder called sonar.  Your folder should look something like this. We have web.config, HttpPlatformHandlerStartup.ps1 and the unzip sonarqube binaries.  Copy all EXCEPT sonarqube-developer-8.4.135646 to app service wwwroot. Postgres Setup