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R - getting list of libraries installed

to get a list of installed packages in your R, just use the following command :-


You can also list core libraries by using the following command

installed.packages(priority = "base")

"base"  must be lower case.

Reading css specification

As long as I can remember, i don't really read html / css specifications. Maybe I should get into that habit.

Think today is a good start, as i have the know-how to read css specification. was trying to figure out if min-width is applicable to table.

Found the answer here.

Hopefully no more TLDR thingie ! :)

OpenCover code coverage for .Net Core

I know there are many post out there getting code coverage for .dotnetcore. I'm using opencover to address this needs.

In case, you do no want to use opencover and wanted to stick with vs2015 code coverage, you can try to copy Microsoft.VisualStudio.CodeCoverage.Shim.dll from C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\Team Tools\Dynamic Code Coverage Tools\coreclr\ and drop it into your project "bin\Debug\netcoreapp1.0" folder.  Please note : you need to be on VS2015 Enterprise to do this. 

To get started, I guess we need to add OpenCover and ReportGenerator for our test projects, as shown in diagram below :-

When nuget packge gets restored, we will have some binaries downloaded to our machine and we going to use this to generate some statistics. I think the biggest issue is to getting those command lines work.

In dotnetcore, we run test project using "dotnet test" (assuming you are in the test project folder - if not please go there)  So we add this …