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Getting ASP.Net to build and run on your machine

If you're trying to debug through ASP.Net MVC / WebAPI to see how it all glued together, you probably need to download and build it locally from here.

You should probably know that, ASP.Net MVC on github runs on DNX. and you need to either install VS2015 Web Developer Tools or set it up manually by following this guide.

If you face reference issue, for example

Unable to Reference DNX 4.5.1 or DNX Core 5.0, you probably have an installation issue with your VS2015 installation. 

Setup your DNX to the latest version and then reinstall VS2015. Yep i think it is stupid but it happened to me.

You can always goto the ASP.Net MVC git clone folder to run "build " manually. If you can  build that successfully, then all you have have to do is reinstall VS2015 and then open and build the project using VS2015.

After a successful build, you can run a test project to see if ASP.Net MVC is working properly.

To test it, run MvcSample.Web project by right clicking it and set it as a star…