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.NetCore getting configuration sections

To do that with code, all you need to do is

.Net core HttpClient Proxy with WinHttpHandler

Have to use a proxy with WinHttpHandler that day and here is the code that does it

Also not forgetting the proxy class.

Powershell script to detect .Net Core Web Hosting bundle installed

I got hold of a script that helps me to check if .net core web hosting bundle is installed, saves me alot of time. :)

How do you run .net core during deployment / after publishing it.

You must be thinking it is dotnet run?  Nope.

The actual answer is dotnet xxxxxx-your-service.dll name

I know it's kinda stupid but sometimes i get it wrong.

choclatey supports .netcore installation

Yay! This is really good.

Choclatey supports .net core installation.To get started just use the following command.

choco install dotnetcore-sdk

EF Core :- Getting request using dbcontext from stored procedure that returns "SELECT"

Let's say i have the following stored procedure, which return results using "SELECT" instead of RETURN.

I use the following codes to get results from my stored procedure :-

If you're trying to get value from a stored procedure which give back result using "return", you can use this piece of code.

That's it! :)

What : ExecuteSqlCommand not found in EF core?

If you get this, all you need is, LOL ...

using Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore;