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Papers 24/1/2009

Pretty interesting paper

Cloud Computing and Grid Computing 360-Degree Compared

Using Custom DLL with IronPython / Scripts

Using Custom DLL with IronPython

This example here assumed that you have class written in VB/C# with the following namespace Liverpool.Soccer.

It has a static class called Torrest.Hello();

First set the lookup path for Pyton

1.import sys


3.import clr


5.import Liverpool.Soccer

Finally invoke your method by calling :-


That's it.

Alternatively .... you can save this into a file call

import sys
import clr
import Liverpool.Soccer

Then execute it using ipy

VS 2008 Create Project Tool version unrecognized

If you have error creating project and receive Unable read project file [full filename]: The tools version "3.5" is unrecognised, then the following should help to solve it.

Open up your Window registry :-

And make the following changes....