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Page DocTypes

Setting your page rendering mode. What is the use of docTypes?
It basically tells the browser which version of html that will be used to render your page.
There are many variation which includes

a) strict
b) loose
c) frameset
d) xhtml1-strict
e) xhtml1-transitional.dtd
f) xhtml1-frameset.dtd
g) declaration for html 3.2 and 2.0

Determine your page Layout.

It is crucial to determine your page layout first and then test it with different browser to see if the positioning is correctly done.

Use minimal Table in your page More Div + CSS

There should be only one level table in your page. Putting two level of table is something you might need to consider twice.

For positioning, formatting that the job of CSS

Follow the XHTML convention and apply the final touches to it by using WC3 Validator service

CSS should be used to align your text, phase out the use of spacer gifs and

Make your page conform to XHTML

Try to convert all your html into XHTML compliant standard. It's really easy to do. There should be no upper case for example
changed to
, notice the ending class at the back. These are the convention used in XHTML.

Javascript incompatibility list

Use javascript code that complies to standards.

Use the following as compare to:

a) document.getElementById - instead of document.layers (Netscape) or document.all (IE)

There should be a fair fix of javascript implementation in your page. If your browser host an abundance of javascript code then it might slow down the browser.

And most importantly try to explore other tool to help you do you work .....testing hundreds of page is no easy job.

You might want to try this out

Mozilla Web Developer Pack - add on to Mozilla

Firebug - add on in Mozilla

Validator from WC3

Once of my current task right now is to make my existing web page faster by optimizing html, xhtml and css (with the exception of javascript). I really wonder how fast is that gonna get me.


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