FFMpeg on MSVC++

Instead of building FFMPEG using Cygwin and Msys you can get the libraries from here.

Next goto you need to extract this into a folder.

Once you have extracted you need to create a simple Win32 console application in Visual Studio and configure its properties.

Under Configuration Properties

C/C++->Additional Include Directories = C:\del\ffmpeg\include\libavcodec;C:\del\ffmpeg\include\libavutil;C:\del\ffmpeg\include\libavformat; C:\del\ffmpeg\include\libswscale

Linker->General->Additional Libraries Directory = C:\del\ffmpeg\lib

Linker->Input->swscale-0.lib avdevice-52.lib avformat-52.lib avcodec-51.lib avutil-49.lib

To test your project out, use to following codes and see if you can compile it .

extern "C"



int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])

//// Just to load the codes ///

Next please make sure you copy the required *.dll (from the distribution above) to your project folder;


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