Back to Serial

Wen-Mei Hwu suggest that we might be going back to sequential/serial as compare to parallel processing in the advent of multi-core processor.

This might be a step back as argue by many.

Reason for this?

# Developing a non-trivial explicitly parallel application is an expensive proposition.

# Verification and support of a hand-parallelized program is even more expensive.

# Programs developed in an explicitly parallel form are unlikely to scale with Moore's Law.

# Tools must have in-depth knowledge of the apps regardless of programming models being used anyways.

# Evolution of tools takes place at much faster pace than that of human race.

Taken from Berkeley EECS's blog.

This is kind of surprising.

Some interesting link that i find it useful are:

Click MIT - Programming Language for Multithread Programming

Clustering by Passing Messages Between Data Points


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