RodentStore (Phillipe Cudre Mauroux, Eugene Wu and Samuel Madden)

Increase application database domain requires substantial amount of re-engineering effort such as caching or transaction. RodentStore is an adaptive storage engine that uses declarative storage algebra to specify logical schema in a disk. Central to this idea are

1) ability to support table using different physical representation
2) use storage algebra to specify data layout.

Database Administrator --------> Algebra sepcification -----> Algebra Interpreter -----> Storage Backend.

Interesting part of this artcile is RodentStore is not limited to SQL database but ORM like Django / Ruby on Rails.

Physical Layout

Challenges faced

a) Translating Algebra expression with array completion

b) Storage rendering algorithm is 'declarative'. --- leaving many item open for example how data are stored. Deciding what to do when a mix of data placement algorithm for example old and new is used.

Adaptive storage engine is going to be an interesting project especially in porting database engine to flash memory data storage etc.


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