Building IKVM Source

Building IKVM Source


1. Download IKVM source code from
2. Download classpath-0.95 from (
3. Download openjdk6-b12 from (

Unzip openjdk6-b12 and classpath-0.95 into the unzipped IKVM Source. For example

--- classpath-0.95
--- openjdk6-b12

Tool required (Other version of these tools might work) :-

1. Nant (i used 0.86 Beta1)

2. JDK 1.6 Update 13 (or lower)

3. VS 2008 or 2005

4. .Net Framework in particular (cl - vc compiler, ilasm)

To Compile
1. Run nant to compile the required assembly

2. Use VS2008 to build IKVM source (CTRL + Shift + B)

That's it.


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