Configure PHP on Window 7 IIS

Assuming that you have downloaded and unzip to c:\php5.

Here's how you configure PHP

1. Start IIS -- Start->Run->Inetmgr

2. Switch to Feature View, then click on Handler Mappings.

3. Add Script Map and use the following configuration

a) Request Path = *.php
b) Executable = C:\php5\php5isapi.dll
c) Name : PHP_SCRIPT (You can use other name if you want)

4. Try running your PHP. That's it. (You might want to do a iisreset).

I've enable ALL World Wide Web Services ---> Application Development Features ---> ISAPI Extension & ISAPI Filters ON in Turn Windows features on or off.

If you face issue connecting to mysql :-

a) Try troubleshoot using phpinfo(); Try to see if you have configure mysql correctly.

b) you can copy php_mysql.dll & php_mysqli.dll to c:\windows\system32;


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