Enterprise Library configuration without using App.config / Web.config

Sometimes you might want your Enterprise Library logging configuration file to kept separately and maybe you're not going to put an entry even in your web.config using [Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Common.Configuration.ConfigurationSourceSection].

The following codes shows how this can be accomplished:-

// Assuming the configuration file is default [loggingConfiguration] and in your current .exe directroy
FileConfigurationSource fileSrc = new FileConfigurationSource("Test.config");
// If you would like to validate your configuration //
var loggingSection = fileSrc.GetSection("loggingConfiguration");
LogWriterFactory wfac = new LogWriterFactory(new FileConfigurationSource("Test.config"));
var Writer = wfac.Create();
LogEntry logEntry = new LogEntry();
logEntry.Message = "Life";

Your new configuration file is called Test.config and its contents the same when you configure it using Enterprise Library Configuration tool.


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