Push messages from Azure hub notification to android phones.

A summary of steps involve in setting up azure, google developer console and android studio

1. setup google developer console

2. setup azure

3. create android apps

4. test

1. Setup google developer console

To setup google developer console, you need a google account.  Please proceed to create one if you haven't already done so.

Go to Google developer console. Next click on  "create project " button and fill in your project details.

Enter the following, Project name : hubnotification-1195, and press "Create".

Next, on the dashboard, click on "API - Enable and manage APIs"

Look for "Cloud messaging for Android" and click on it.

Next, goto "Credential tab" and click on "New Credential" -> API Key.

Select "Server Key" as shown here.

Next, provide the following details

Name : serverMyNotification

And click "create". An API Key will be generated for you which you will be using later.

2. Setup Azure

Goto Azure control panel. Next, goto "Cloud service -> Create a cloud service -> App Services -> Service Bus ->Notification Hub -> Quick Create.

Got Azure All Items->select mynotification-ns (the notification hub you created earlier)->Configure (as shown in diagram below)

Here we will setup our google api key obtain from section 1.

That is pretty much it. Important details to keep track here are :

1. Our notification hub's name which is "mynotifcation"

2. Access connection info :-  "Endpoint=sb://mynotification-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx".

3. Download the sample project from here.

Download this project and open using Google Android Studio. Here you will see some important configuration and how to obtain project id, hub name and hub connection information for android.

Fire up the emulator and then switch back to Azure->Debug->Send a test notification message as shown in diagram below:

You will see that notification is pushed down to the emulator.


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