Securing rails activerecord with password cannot be any easier.

Lets say we have a user table that contains password and we would like to secure this from external access.

I assume you already have a controller. So lets go ahead and create our model.

1. Run the following command

rails g model User name email password_digest password_confirmation reputation

2. Run its serializer.

rails g serializer User name email password_digest password_confirmation reputation

3. Next, lets modify our User ActiveRecord by adding a new field called 'has_secure_password', as shown in diagram below :-

This is basically part of bcrypt (a.k.a blowfish encryption) implementation.

Here are the specification

a) In our database, we need a field called 'password_digest'
b) In our ActiveRecord, we need to specify 'has_secure_password'

4. Next, we just need to run rake.

rake db:migrate

This ensure we have created the necessary table structure for our database.

5. We need to wire this up in our controller. Lets say we have a controller called Home and our code might look like something below :-

6. Let's go and see our model in action using rails console. From the command line, type rails console. We will create a new user by using the following command

u = = 'jeremy' = ''
u.password = 'test'

If you look at the output, you will see our field 'password_digest' is automatically populated with hashed characters. From here, i wanted to highlight that the proper way to authenticate is via u.authenticate('abc') => false.  If we try u.authenticate('test') => true  !success.

Now, lets make a get request to our home controller. From the browser link, type http://localhost:3000/home/index. It will returns the following json response to you. Notice that password is null.



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