IPython - getting your custom kernel up on Wndows

To create your custom control in IPython requires pretty easy setup. All you have to do is make sure you

1. Locate IPython's kernel confguration folder In windows it is located in : C:\Users\Jeremy\.ipython\kernel.

2. Next, create a folder name for your kernel. In my case, I called it "wtf" - i think there is such a language.

3. Edit your kernel.json file content to look like this :-

As you can see, we're using iruby as the interpreter. I will definitely fix that in near future.

A couple of things tho, the iruby draws on rubys gems as what you have installed.

If you modify your gems, those changes will affect output of this session.

This is just to provide a quick and easy way for your to integrate your language into IPython.

You can check out folder layout here.

My jupyter notebook looks like this. 


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