Installing Tensorflow using Anaconda

The process is pretty straight forward, just that you need to keep in mind that you need to install python 3.5 in your environment and you need Anaconda 64bit installer.

It is best that you use Conda instead of pip as the installer.

Let's kick things off with :-
conda create -n tensorflow python=3.5 
activate tensorflow
 pip install --ignore-installed --upgrade 

If you get messages like tensorflow is not supported in this platform, please check your anaconda installer and make sure it is 64 bits.

To test out, fire up your python command prompt and

 import tensorflow as tf

Sneaking in Theano

Let's sneak in Theano into our Anaconda project

conda install theano pygpu
To test out, fire up your python command prompt and 
from theano import *
Sneaking in Keras
To install Keras, you need to use the following command :-
conda install -c conda-forge keras 


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