docker - connecting your host to a container

Phew! Spent a few hours on this and finally i was able to get it right.

Task :- Spin up a new docker container running my app and connect to it from my windows host. 

Sounds simple enuff, I think the biggest gotcha is setting your application port to "" instead of "localhost", as shown in diagram below.

My app is a .net core app - of course it is, how else would u want to host it in docker. :)

Here is my docker file

And then i use the following command to spin up my docker.

docker build . -t accmicroserve

docker run -P accmicroserve (if you do it this way, you might get a random PORT from your container)

docker run -p 5000:5000 accmicroserve (here we're saying we're fixed the port to 5000).

Your docker instance already started, and ready to go.


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