I find the following information is relevant when it comes to FTP over TLS, that i ripped it out of Fluent FTP site.

These are the commands issued by the client to configure / setup channel to use a  TLS .

Outputs coming out from console are show here.

FTP Support
Mapping table documenting supported FTP commands and the corresponding API..
Connection commands
USER, PASSCredentialsLogin with username & password
PASV, EPSV, EPRTDataConnectionTypePassive & Active FTP modes
FEATHasFeature()Get the features supported by server
SYSTGetSystem()Get the server system type
OPTS UTF8 ONEncodingEnables UTF-8 filenames
OPTS UTF8 OFFEncoding, DisableUTF8()Disables UTF-8 filenames
AUTH TLSEncryptionModeSwitch to TLS/FTPS
PBSZ, PROTEncryptionMode and
Configure TLS/FTPS connection
CCCPlainTextEncryptionSwitch to plaintext FTP
PRETAutomaticPre-transfer file information
TYPE AUploadDataType and
Transfer data in ASCII
TYPE IUploadDataType and
Transfer data in Binary


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