setting up drozer

Installing server 

create python 2.7, and then create your environment. Then install using drozer server side using :-

pip install drozer-2.4.4-py2-none-any.whl

Start emulator 

./emulator avd Pixel_2_API_27

Install the agent using

adb install drozer-agent-2.3.4.apk

adb forward tcp:31415 tcp:31415

Please goto your android emulator and then run Drozer by firing up the application and then click on "Off" (to turn it on)

Next, run

 drozer console connect

Now, we are in. To list all the command please type


Some common command to use are :-


How to do something useful with it?

Trying to look for database for passwords

run scanner.provider.findurls

run app.provider.query content://


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