VS 2008 Create Project Tool version unrecognized

If you have error creating project and receive Unable read project file [full filename]: The tools version "3.5" is unrecognised, then the following should help to solve it.

Open up your Window registry :-

And make the following changes....







Tamer said…
It did not do it for me, I have these exact values, and still have the same err message.
R said…

This is a better explanation.
Creator : DK said…
Thanks Mitzen i successfully resolved the problem.....
Kodi said…
Thanks! Got that error out of the way.
Deepak Artal said…
Thanks a lot.
This worked for me.
At first I thought it did not work.
And then I just rebooted my machine once and it worked.
dishant said…
I am also facing this problem and tried the above given solution but unfortunately it is not working.After doing above changes when i rebooted my system and tried to create a VS2008 project it gives a different error message asthe name of property stored under the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSBuild\ToolsVersions\2.0 has zero length
Now what is this error and do somebody has any other solution??

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