Http REST request, usage and their payload

Here we would like to figure out how to work with different HTTP request methods -

A complete list of methods available are :-

a) HEAD - same as GET, except it does not accept payload

b) GET - access a resource

c) POST - submit data with the intention of modifying a resource or adding to a resource

d) PUT - modify a resource

e) DELETE - remove a resource

f) TRACE - Echo back the received resource forms server.

g) OPTIONS - Returns what the HTTP server supports. For health check for instance to check if a server is online, I think this would be the method to use. Not because it is light or doesn't have a payload but it makes sense. P.S. There is no semantic usage at the moment from HTTP governing body.

h) CONNECT - Convert request connection to a transparent TCP/IP tunnel. Not supported

i) PATCH - partial response to a resources request.

CONNECT and TRACE are the only options not supported by .Net core.


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