Using git subtree

Updating repository 

git subtree is a copy of a clone repository. You need to issue separate command to update your branch for example,

git subtree pull --prefix=storedprocedures https://mycopied_git_repository/ 

Running pull alone, will not update the 'copied' branch. This also means you need to pull and then push changes to be reflected.

For example, say you have your local git repo calle 'my_local_git_repo', mounted to a folder called externalibrary, if you run git pull, you only update 'my_local_git_repo' and not mycopied_git_repository. Run command above, git subtree to update.

After that, you need to push your changes to your 'my_local_git_repo' so that, build tools like Azure DevOps, is able to see it and update


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