Deploying Laravel on Google Cloud

Since Google Cloud Platform Bitnami LAMP comes ready with composer and Laravel, we can drive straight in, after you spin up a new LAMP virtual machine.

The public directory accessible to the world is htdocs.

Lets change directory to htdocs by issuing this command "cd htdocs"

Run the following command
composer global require "laravel/installer"
Next, we will create a application using the command below: -

$HOME/.composer/vendor/bin/laravel new blog

Please note that this will create a directory called blog under htdocs.

Important! Ensure a folder called storage is writable by

cd blog

Then issue the following command

chmod -R o+w storage

Fire up your brower and browse to the following link
Your laravel page will fire up. :)


oliver said…
You can easily deploy Laravel on Google cloud if you are using Cloudways platform. This is a great Laravel hosting platform because it has custom built PHP stack optimized for performance.

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