powershell encrypting credentials using key

Think many of us, already know how to encrypt password in our powershell automation and normally we would just use "Get-Credential". This approach uses Windows Data Protection and only the same user will able to encrypt / decrypt a secure string.

Alternatively you can use a key for the same purpose. Here's my quick and simple  script to encrypt a password.

So we're using our key which starts from 1 until 16 and then it encrypts our password which is "admin" into a file called "password.txt".

Lets instantiate our credential object. Its just a call to say instantiate PSCredential('username', 'password' - tho its a big longer)

We now have a object called MyCredential which stores username and password (extracted from encrypted password.txt file.

We can just pass $MyCredential username and password into our application for further execution.


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