ionic2 cordova build android - Unable resolve gradle 2.2.3

Faced  this problem when trying to build android using ionic2/cordova. Seems like is not listed in (but is available in jcenter).

I was able to compile and run it using Android studio 2.  Would still trying to find a better solution here.

* What went wrong:
  A problem occurred configuring root project ''.
  > Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ':classpath'.
> Could not find
 Searched in the following locations:
 Required by:

After some time, this error comes from CordovaLib (reference projects for Cordova). To resolve this, I edit "build.gradle", remove mavenCentral to make it look like code below :-

Next, i was able issue 'cordova compile" or "ionic build android" to build my project successfully. (You can't use ionic command as it would replace the entire project file).

Problem solved! :) Unless, you completed remove Android source in platform folder.

Update : This is fixed in Ionic Framework release 2.0.0


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